“Disney Hidden Worlds” Game Available for iOS, Android and Facebook

By on January 3, 2014


Disney Interactive has launched a new gaming experience called “Disney Hidden Worlds” on Facebook, iOS and Android that features some of the most iconic scenes from some of our favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios films. This is a free-to-play hidden object adventure game where players can interact with nostalgic scenes from “Beauty & the Beast,” “Tangled” and “Aladdin,” with more Disney animated films soon to come. Having tried it out, the experience is very fun and the fact that it is a fully connected and synced experience, you can play on any of the three platforms (Facebook, iOS and Android) and your progress will be available on your other platforms.


In the “Disney Hidden Worlds” game, you can enter a world of imagination where your favorite Disney stories come to life. In the game, you search some of the scenes for some missing objects that originated in each story and restore the character’s “happily ever after.” We have a few screen shots from the game that you can see, and would highly recommend you take a few minutes to try it out.



  • Interact with magical Kingdoms based on well-known Disney stories like Beauty & the Beast, Tangled and Aladdin, with many more movies to come soon.
  • Play through Disney animated film-based hidden-object scenes and spot-the-detail scenes.
  • Collect ink and craft objects to help each story progress towards “happily ever after.”
  • Help Chrona and the Inklings save the magical Kingdoms from a mysterious villain in this original Disney story.
  • Play and sync a single game across Facebook, iOS and Android devices.
  • Players can head over to https://apps.facebook.com/hiddenworlds and dive into the magical moments of Disney Hidden Worlds today. The game can also be downloaded for iOS devices at http://bit.ly/1c

Here is the “Disney Hidden Worlds” Official Trailer:

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