Updates For The “Disney Infinity” PC Game


Disney Interactive announced recently that the Disney Infinity PC game will allow online players to download true-to-property Play Sets for the first time. They are also releasing new content that includes waves one and two hexagonal power discs, select pre-made Adventures and Mastery Tutorials. Before, these functions were only available on the best-selling Disney Infinity console game.

The update also introduced a new Toy Box rewards program.  Players who log-in and play Disney Infinity on PC at least four times over the course of a week will earn new pre-made Adventures and a variety of toys they can use to help make their own Toy Box creations. Those Toy Boxes can then be shared and played with friends on any platform, regardless of which platform it was created on, including the Disney Infinity Toy Box app for iOS and Win8.

Players can download the PC game at https://infinity.disney.com/ and content updates can be purchased on the website at https://infinity.disney.com/pc-shop . Details of the content offerings are listed below:

Disney Infinity Toy Box Starter Pack

Players who download the game for the first time for free on PC will receive 85 starter toys, a playable Mr. Incredible character, one pre-made Adventure and three Mastery Tutorials. All players will have access to Disney services and user-generated content with a Disney ID, such as the weekly Toy Box Challenge winners featuring unique themed-worlds created by the Disney Infinity community

Play Sets

  • Each play set includes one unlocked character for $14.99 each. Complete play set bundle is also available for $74.95.
  • The Incredibles – Mrs. Incredible
  • Lone Ranger – Lone Ranger
  • Toy Story in Space – Jesse
  • Cars – Holley
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow
  • Monsters University – Sulley

Tox Box Content

  • Ultimate Toy Box Experience: Includes all generic Toy Box toys, two additional characters, three advanced Mastery Tutorials and all items players would have earned through the Toy Box rewards program. ($19.99)
  • Single Characters: Each figure comes with two specific Toy Box items. Items are exclusive to those characters and cannot be unlocked in other ways. ($2.99 for regular character figure, $3.99 for Crystal Series)
  • Character Bundles: Character starter set, which includes all launch characters, will retail for $39.99 while post-launch Fall and Holiday character releases will retail at $14.99.
  • Power Discs: Hexagonal discs from waves one and two are now available; wave three power discs will be available starting April 1. There is also an option to purchase bundles of each wave of power discs. ($1.99 for 2-pack; $2.99 for 3-pack; $19.99 for waves one and two bundle; $7.99 for wave three; $24.99 for bundle of all discs)
  • 11 Free Pre-Made Adventures (select ones from console game): users will be awarded three Toy Box items for each completed Adventure. Character-specific Adventures are played with that character even if the player does not own that character.
  • 6 Free Mastery Tutorials (all from console game): users will be awarded three Toy Box items for each completed Mastery Tutorial.

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