Video: Olivia Holt As Spider-Girl For Marvel’s “Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors” Airing On Disney XD March 5, 2015


Gosh, it seems so long ago that we talked about Olivia Holt voicing a character in Marvel’s “Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors!” I just looked it up and found that I wrote an article last September about it! You can read that here.

The “I Didn’t Do It” actress plays Spider-Girl, and the first episode called “The Spider-Verse: Part One” will air on Disney XD tomorrow (Thursday, March 5, 2015) from 9:00 – 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. The Goblin opens portals to alternate worlds, so Spider-Man teams up with alternate versions of himself in this show.

You can also hear her in the ep titled “The Spider-Verse: Part 4” later on.

Disney XD posted this pic on their Facebook today and wrote:

Spider-Girl bringing the #GirlPower tomorrow night! What’s up now Spidey?!

Watch this clip from M Magazine, and listen for Olivia’s voice:

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