“DuckTales: Remastered” Available Now Available on Mobile Devices


We know DuckTales is returning to Disney in 2017, but you don’t need to wait that long to relive some of the popular late 80’s/early 90’s television series. Disney Interactive has launched “DuckTales: Remastered,” an 8-bit classic game for mobile platforms. You can dive right in to one of Scrooge McDuck’s adventures as he searches for legendary treasures. DuckTales fans can relive the classic TV series through the game with the original voice-actors and over 90 pieces of production art from the original TV series’ archives.


“DuckTales: Remastered” is a remake of a great late 80’s Nintendo game and includes the original’s five locales: Himalayas, Amazon, Transylvania, African mines and Moon. Of course, it has been updated with new visuals and voice work from the original cartoon’s cast including Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

“DuckTales: Remastered” had been previously available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Windows PC. One word of warning — don’t blame us if you can’t get the theme song out of your head after playing this game! Oh, and just in case you can’t remember the song, here it is below as a remake with real ducks from our friends at Oh My Disney.

You can download the game on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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