EXCLUSIVE: Jet Jurgensmeyer Talked About Working On “Adventures In Babysitting” November 2015


We were so happy to be able to chat with Jet Jurgensmeyer from the upcoming DCOM “Adventures in Babysitting.” Take a peek at our interview below.

Dis411: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.
I am an only child. I am home schooled. My parents are my teachers. We travel between our homes in TN, MO and also CA. We spend part of the year out there. My parents have several businesses and one is producing movies. We have a lot of fun working on projects together.

Dis411: How did you get started in acting and what do you enjoy most about it?
I started out singing on stage when I was 3 years old. My parents had a club and restaurant in Nashville. I was always getting on stage. When I was 4 I started acting and was lucky to start booking jobs. My favorite part about acting is when I get to play a real person like I did in “Woodlawn” when I got to play Todd Gerelds and then I got to meet him in real life. It is also so much fun to work with other actors, especially when you get to connect with them like I did on “Adventures in Babysitting” and make great friends and family. We all got so close on that project that we consider each other family and still stay in touch all of the time and hang out.

Dis411: How would you describe your character in the upcoming DCOM “Adventures in Babysitting,” and what qualities do you like about him?
I play Bobby Anderson and he is a chef in the making. Some of the great things about him are how creative he tries to be with food. Sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. He is always ready to take charge whenever he gets the opportunity. I really enjoy cooking too and that was something I had in common with the character.

Dis411: How did you react when you found out you were cast in this Disney Channel Original Movie?
We were in CA at our house when my agent and manager called. They told us to get ready to pack our bags because we were going to Vancouver for 2 months. I was so excited I started yelling and jumping all over the place. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to be in a Disney Channel Original Movie, seeing as I watch the Disney Channel every day. I really was thrilled!

Dis411: Describe what it is like working with Sabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson and the rest of the cast?
Sabrina and Sofia were great. They always made sure all of the rest of us kids were included in everything. The entire cast got along so well. We all hung out every day, even when we weren’t working. We consider each other family. Our producer Michelle Manning told us how rare it is for a group of kids to bond like we all have. She has always told us to cherish this because it doesn’t happen often and when it does you want to make sure that it lasts forever.

Dis411: I noticed that you have worked on a lot of projects in your young life. What has been your favorite so far and why?
I have had a lot of fun on many of the projects I get to do, but without a doubt, my favorite would be “Adventures in Babysitting”. It was just so much fun from start to finish. We all really hated to see it end when we wrapped production.

Dis411: What school subject do you like the best?
My favorite subjects are Bible and Science.

Dis411: If you could pick anyone past or present to work with, who would it be and why?
I have always wanted to work with Tom Hanks. I love that he does voice over work like I do and is in films. If I was going to pick someone from the past it would be Robin Williams. He was such a talented actor.

Dis411: What shows do you like watching?
My favorite shows are Girl Meets World, Bunk’d and Descendants.

Dis411: What do you like to do in your time off from acting?
I like to sing, dance and play my guitar. I love to hang out with my family and friends. We have a farm and it is fun to go out and ride four wheelers and horses. I play basketball and soccer. I really do normal things that any other kids do.

Dis411: The holidays are coming up. What traditions do you have with your family?
My birthday is Nov. 27th, so that is always right around Thanksgiving and sometimes on the day of. I love when it is on Thanksgiving so I get to eat turkey, stuffing and birthday cake. Christmas is always a lot of fun. We go to my grandparents. We have a big family. We take turns opening presents from youngest to oldest. That is fun because I only have one younger cousin on the Jurgensmeyer side. My parents and I always have a tradition of watching “The Polar Express” on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning and having hot chocolate. That is one of my favorite memories and traditions.

Dis411: Do you have any other projects that you can tell us about?
I was just in a film called “Woodlawn” that was out in theaters recently. I have a couple of other projects that my parents are producing that we will be filming in this next year as well. I will also be putting out some music soon. I will be able to tell you about all of these things very soon.

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Thanks to Jet for visiting with us, and we hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Birthday in a few days!!! 🙂

Photo credit to Photographer: Bobby Quillard

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