Caroline Sunshine Says That Tinka’s Fashion For Season 3 Of “Shake It Up” Is “Very Elevated”

Bop and Tiger Beat had a chance to visit with “Shake It Up” sweetheart, Caroline Sunshine, about the season 3 of her Disney Channel series.

BOP&TB: So, tell us a little bit about the new season of Shake It Up! What is going on because I’ve heard that you guys are getting more into friendships and family and relationships. Tell me what’s going on with Tinka!
Caroline Sunshine: So, I think “new” is a really good word to describe season three of Shake It Up. It’s the Shake It Up that you know and that you love, but there’s a lot of new things going on. We have new relationships, we have some new family members that you’re going to meet for different characters, we have a new set, a new kind of Shake It Up: Chicago set that we address in the first episode. It’s new for Tinka because Tinka’s in a new situation. She’s very used to having Gunther there, so she’s in a situation where she has to go outside her comfort zone and make some new friendships, or just kind of make new changes in friendships that already existed. It is exciting because you get to see her interaction each character and how she has to figure out those friendships with those characters. You never see the softer side of Tinka, but at the same time she’s still very fierce and very sassy! That part of Tinka is NOT going away at all! She’s sparklier and sassier than ever and it makes it very fun!

BOP&TB: I was going to ask about the costumes because that’s one thing that really stands out about your character! How are they changing? Have you seen a lot of the costumes?
Caroline Sunshine: The fashion in season three for my character is very elevated! When I say the word “sparklier than ever” Tinka’s outfits this season are very much Tinka and just bigger and better for her! Tinka’s always loved fashion and this season it’s just incredible. The looks I get to wear are just so much fun. I don’t get tired of wearing sparkles or wearing outfits that are out there and crazy, because I don’t always get to do that in real life, so it’s like playing dress-up. But, she’s trendy! She’s got her wedge sneakers, she’s got her really fun skirts and sparkles. It’s been three seasons now and we have a saying in the wardrobe department that “more is more” so it will be like, “Should we add the extra bracelet?” and we’ll be like, “Yeah! Yeah we should!”

BOP&TB: So how is this season going to be different than any other season we’ve ever seen before?
Caroline Sunshine: I think something that’s cool about Shake It Up is that it’s never going to change, but it’s never going to stay the same either. The consistency of our show is something that I love. Every episode you can expect a great dance number, you can expect a great story line, you can expect to laugh. This season, there is “new” in that. New ways to laugh, new dances, new sets, new characters. My character dances more in season three with the girls and you see that girly element of dance. We show some new styles, like last season you saw some salsa and hula dance on our show. And so, you’ll see some other new styles on our show, which is kind of cool!

BOP&TB: You guys have always had awesome guest stars on the show! So can we expect more of that as well?
Caroline Sunshine: Yeah, I think something that fans will be really excited to see is that Tyra Banks came on our show last season to play the librarian, and she’s coming back! And also, I’m really excited because Leo Howard is on our show as a guest star this year, and Leo and I had been friends before he came to the show, and he’s just a really cool guy and so much fun to have on our set. He plays a really cool character too. It’s been really fun to have Leo around just from a friendship standpoint, he’s like my new bud! It’s going to be cool for those of you guys that have watched Kickin’ It to see him on Shake It Up!

BOP&TB: So, how far are you on filming season three? Is it done?
Caroline Sunshine: No, we are about half way done with filming season three and the first episode comes out this Sunday at 9:00! Being able to say the phrase “Season Three of Shake It Up premiers!” that never gets old for me, I love being able to say that. It’s the coolest thing in the world to say! It’s already been three seasons, and wow, just thank you to the fans that watch! It’s so cool to be able to do this for three seasons, it’s so exciting!

BOP&TB: So I asked you how Tinka is changing, but you just said yourself, “it’s been three seasons” so how have you seen yourself change since starting season one?
Caroline Sunshine: I’ve been going through high school and being on the show at the same time, so it’s been really interesting. The one thing that I notice, I feel a good way to describe it actually, is that season three now on Shake It Up kind of feels like a sophomore or junior year of high school. Our first season, everything was very new, you’re figuring things out, everything is happening at once. I remember the first time I came to the BOP and Tiger Beat office! It’s a lot of “firsts” that year, it’s a lot of first times of different things, you’re taking it all in, you’re trying to make sure you remember this, there’s so much going on, you want to do a really good job, you’re figuring out this character, oh my gosh everything is happening at once! But once you get to your sophomore and junior year, you feel a little more comfortable with it. The cast and I feel so comfortable being on that set, our chemistry this year is better than ever, it’s crazy. We feel so comfortable in our characters and in our own skin. It’s a really good time right now!


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