Debby Ryan Talks “Jessie” In Interview With The Huffington Post October 2012

Debby Ryan was interviewed by the Huffington Post. She talked about her Disney Channel series, “Jessie.”

Twitter user @juliabalicka1 asks, “Who are you closest to in the JESSIE family?”

I have the most scenes with Zuri, so I’m probably closest with Skai [Jackson]. I’m also really close with Cameron Boyce, who plays Luke. We don’t have that many scenes together, but he has this part of him that can pick up on what I need — if I’m stressed, if I’m happy. He can see through me more than most people. You see us bantering back and forth on screen, but you don’t see us knocking on each other’s dressing room doors crying and supporting each other.

Are you close with Disney stars from other shows?

[The other Disney stars are] kind of like people you go to class with. I know I’m going to see you in class every day and I’ll probably borrow your notes. When I first was on “Suite Life,” I was like, “Let’s go to play ping-pong after work!” Cole [Sprouse] was like, “Debby, no. I just worked eight hours on set with you. I’m going to work eight hours on set with you tomorrow.” At the time, I thought that was insensitive, but I totally get it now. You have to have your own space.

Twitter user @TCharboneau2012 asks, “Are the rumors true about there being a Jessie movie in the worx?”

The rumors are true. You’re kind of going to get to know everyone, especially Jessie, in a way you never have before. Bigger adventures, bigger mayhem, and really amazing, heartfelt moments. We haven’t filmed it yet.

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Take a look at the upcoming “Jessie” episode that will air on Disney Channel November 2, 2012.

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