Debby Ryan Visited With Creme About Some Of Her Favorite Things

Debby Ryan (“Jessie”) was interviewed by Creme. Be sure to read the full interview! In this segment, Debby talked about some of her favorite things.

Fave person to follow on Twitter: Owl City. Most of the things he posts make no sense whatsoever, but he also Tweets a lot of movie quotes. He loves Lord of the Rings as well, so whenever he quotes something from there, there’s always a small percentage of people (like me) that get really excited. He cracks me up.

Fave thing to do on a day off: Make music with my friends. I’m also randomly into art – so I’ll make collages, do some tie-dying…

Fave film to quote: Anchorman, Talledega Nights are always good. But Lord of the Rings has some really great quotes. I love that most of my answers so far include ‘Lord of the Rings’ somewhere in them.

Fave red-carpet event you’ve ever been to: The premiere for Up was amazing – there was a balloon hourse. And the premiere for The Princess and the Frog made me feel like I was around royalty. No. Wait. The Avengers. Robert Downey Jr rode down the red carpet in a sports car. The end.

Fave present you’ve received: I always wanted the vinyl of this album Aim & Ignite by fun., and my brother saved up and bought it for me. Also someone once named a star after me. And actually, when I was in India, I had lunch with a King and a Prince and they brought me chocolate cake. That was insane!

Fave song to sing in the car: Freefallin’. That’s a classic choice. And Bohemium Rhapsody.

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