Adam Irigoyen Talks About Struggles That He Faced Getting Into Acting, His “Shake It Up” Family And More

“Shake It Up” star, Adam Irigoyen, talked with TheCelebrityCafe. Take a look:

TheCelebrityCafe: Growing up in Miami, you were surrounded by a family of educators – your mom, dad and grandmother were all teachers. So where did your passion for acting and music come from?

Adam Irigoyen: It was kind of just something that I fell into really. I grew up watching TV. So it was kind of just something that I always wanted to do. Once I figured out what everything was and what acting actually was and the whole singing thing, I fell in love with it.

TCC: How difficult was it for you to convince your family – at the age of eleven – to move across the country in order for you to pursue your dreams?

AI: It took me two years of nagging and nagging, but I got the job done. It was definitely difficult. My dad would find any excuse to move back to Miami, because he really didn’t want to be in L.A. Everything that he said, it would actually happen and we would have to stay here. So it was just meant to be.

TCC: After arriving to L.A., you landed appearances in several commercials, print ads and indie films all leading up to your big break with Disney – being cast as Deuce Martinez on Shake It Up. What struggles did you face up until that point and how did you overcome them?

AI: I definitely went through a lot of struggles in the beginning – hearing the word ‘No’ a lot, especially in the acting business. You’ve just got to have tough skin. If you don’t have tough skin and you’re hearing the word ‘No,’ it can discourage you and you’ll start thinking you’re not good enough. It’s one of those things. It takes experience. Your first few auditions you’re not going to book unless you have really raw, untapped, amazing talent. It takes work like everything else. After you’ve been through a few auditions, you’ll start getting callbacks and from there you’ll start booking. It’s that kind of process. The most difficult part for me was getting used to hearing the word, ‘No.’

TCC: You’ve certainly come a long way since because Shake It Up is one of the highest rated television shows on the network – a true fan favorite. What is your favorite thing about being a part of the cast and the Disney family as a whole?

AI: The cast – I love them so much. I come to work and whenever I want to vent, I pull one of them aside and just start talking to them. We really are a family. I love coming to work everyday and having a good time. As far as the Disney family, it’s just amazing. I’m friends with a lot of the kids from other shows. We always hang out, and we always have a good time. Whenever there are parties and events, we usually all see each other. It’s really fun. Just to have this extended family from my home and work is just amazing.

TCC: Being on the Disney Channel and branching into a music career, you’re going to have lots of young fans that look up to you. Is it important for you to be a good role model to your fans?

AI: I never really expected to be anybody’s role model. I fell in love with this acting and singing thing. I never expected anybody to look up to me and to say ‘I wanna be like him.’ I never thought that would come from this. I’ve always – especially with my family – watched out for what I’ve done because I don’t want to make any bad decisions. I don’t want it to affect, not only my career but my life as well. So I’ve always strived to make good decisions, and I’ve always talked to my parents about everything. I definitely feel like – for those little kids that look up to me – I’ll be an all right role model.

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