Adam Irigoyen Talks About “School Girl” And “Shake It Up” With TWIST

Adam Irigoyen was interviewed by TWIST. He talked about his new song, “School Girl,” and a little bit about “Shake It Up.”

Take a peek:

TWIST: Your single ‘School Girl’ comes out today on iTunes! Can you tell us more about your music?
Adam Irigoyen: It’s gonna drop on iTunes and its going to be on the homepage of Vevo today. I’m super psyched for everyone to see my video and also hear my music. The song is a remake of an old Latin song. The original name is ‘La Colegiala.’ The story behind it is: this dude falls in love with this school girl and he’s trying to get her to be his girl.

TWIST: How would you describe your sound?
AI: My music is definitely pop but it has that Latin flavor that I think everybody’s going to love.

TWIST: What will the music video be like?
AI: Well since the song is kind of bringing it back to the past, we also wanted to do that with the video. The director came up with the idea of making the video like a Breakfast Club-type video because it would go so well with the song.

TWIST: Could you tell us some details about new episodes of Shake It Up?
AI: Well, right now we’re working on season three and just a lot of fun stuff is happening. The third season is just completely out there and it’s super amazing. We get the script every week and even we don’t know what’s going to happen!

TWIST: Can you tell us about how relationships are changing on Shake It Up this season?
AI: There are a lot of new characters who will be introduced and when those characters are introduced it causes attitude changes between different characters. You’ll just have to keep watching!

TWIST: What’s the vibe on set?
AI: Over here we’re just one big family. We all love each other. Everybody’s always having a good time.

TWIST: What’s next for you?
AI: My music is a big priority for me right now and I’m also continuing with the show. We’re getting into [an album] right now, and we’re going to hopefully be coming out with it by the end of next year!

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