Coco Jones In Lansing, Michigan, For The Silver Bells In The City Celebration, And She Spoke With Fox 47

Coco Jones was in Lansing, Michigan, on Friday (November 16, 2012). The Hollywood Records’ artist performed live on the Capitol steps as a part of the 2012 Silver Bells in the City celebration.

Miss Jones shared this photo on her Twitter yesterday during her sound check. She tweeted:

Sound chk @SilverBellsLans !! So excited!! Lets get this party started !!

Fox 47’s Stefanie Pohl had a chance to visit with the Disney starlet about the upcoming performance, holiday traditions, music and more!

STEFANIE POHL: Getting started in the business at such a young age, what has your experience been like?

COCO JONES: It’s been really life-changing. I’ve had to grow up a lot, and I’ve had to sacrifice a lot – my family too. My mom travels with me, and my brothers and sister at home miss their mom and miss me. It takes a lot of dedication and will to survive in this business. There are so many people telling you ‘no’ that you have to just go for it, no matter what anybody says. It’s been harder than I ever would have expected, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

POHL: Is there a path you would like to go down or things you’d like to do in the future?

JONES: In the future, I’d like to have some more movies and maybe a TV show. A worldwide tour, or something international, would be wonderful. If I could choose, I’d want to go to Japan, Paris, and Africa.

POHL: There will be many young fans excited to see you perform in downtown Lansing for Silver Bells in the City. What would you say to those young fans who are aspiring artists?

JONES: I would tell them to really never stop believing in themselves. No matter what the see, what they hear, what they feel. Never give up. It takes dedication – that’s the main reason why I’m here today. Now I’m doing my dream job. You can never let anyone stop you.

POHL: Silver Bells in the City is the kicking off of the holiday season for the area. How does it feel to be a part of an event like this one?

JONES: I did a parade in Tennessee in my hometown, but it was smaller. Nothing as big as Silver Bells. I’m really excited to be here today and I want to introduce my fans to some of my new music and perform some Christmas songs. I want to see the fireworks and I’m excited to be in the parade.

POHL: Silver Bells in the City is a holiday tradition for many families in the area. What would you say are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

JONES: A tradition we do is something my dad started. Whenever we have Christmas, we’re only allowed to play Christmas songs. And not Christmas songs that people have done recently, but all of these 80s songs and old-timey Christmas songs. My dad always says, “We have to listen to Christmas music! This is Christmas, we have to get in the spirit!” My dad also always gets a real Christmas tree, no matter what. No matter how many times we have to clean up the pine needles. But it brings us closer to together and it’s worth it to see how he takes it to another level.

POHL: What do you want the most for Christmas this year?

JONES: I want a car, really really bad. I get my permit in January, so I really want to start looking for my car. And then I want a really cute purse and some clothes.

Nice!! Did you see Coco perform yesterday??

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