New Episodes Of “Just Kidding” November 20-24 On Disney XD

Be sure to tune in all this week for new episodes of “Just Kidding” on Disney XD starting at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Tuesday, November 20:

“Underarm Juice” – After tasting a sample of host Zach Fox’s fresh-squeezed orange juice, people are tricked into thinking he used his underarm to press the juice. Young tricksters also play fun practical jokes on people involving a fake frozen dog, a pop-up lama, a paper-shredding mailbox and more.

Wednesday, November 21:

“Scary Tarantula”- While host Zach Fox tries to get signatures for an insect conservation petition, his tarantula catches supporters off guard. Talented jokesters also execute fun pranks on unsuspecting people involving splattered milk, a moving giant piranha mural and more.

Thursday, November 22:

“Human Door Knocker” – Host Zach Fox disguises himself as part of a door knocker shocking people as they try to deliver a package. Talented jokesters also pull off humorous pranks involving a park bench toilet, a ladder rigged to collapse on a nice birthday party arrangement, a life-size jack-in-the-box and more.

Friday, November 23:

“Picture Perfect” – Host Zach Fox poses as a photographer catching people’s candid reactions when a dysfunctional seat drops them toward the ground as they say “cheese.” Talented tricksters also execute good-natured pranks on unsuspecting bystanders involving licking lamas, marshmallows falling from the sky, a launching blender and more.

Saturday, November 24:

“Baseball Robot” – Host Zach Fox dupes people into thinking they destroyed his science equipment when they stop to test his remote control robot. Talented pranksters also play practical jokes on people involving a bullhorn disguised as a paint can, a kid with seemingly super-human strength, an art exhibit that comes to life and more.

“Just Kidding” has a TV-G rating.

Source: Disney XD

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