Kelli Berglund Visited With TWIST About Season 2 Of “Lab Rats”

Kelli Berglund chatted with TWIST magazine about the upcoming season of her Disney XD series, “Lab Rats.”

Take a peek:

TWIST: Can you tell us what to expect from the new season of Lab Rats?
KB: There’s a lot of new things happening this season. Season one was the introduction to all of our characters but season two is more about deep secrets being revealed. It’s going to be really exciting for the audience.

TWIST: What would TWIST readers love most about the new season?
KB: I think they’d really like to see my character Bree growing into herself. She sets that example for girls since I’m the only girl on the show. This season Bree’s more confident and inspires girls to become more confident in themselves and comfortable with who they are.

TWIST: What’s in store for Bree this season?
KB: Bree actually has a few more love interests this season and some that are more serious than just the typical crush. Also, there are some really big episodes coming up that involve a lot of action. It’s really cool to see Bree do those kinds of things.

TWIST: How are you similar to your character?
KB: When I first went to a new school I was a little bit insecure because I wanted to fit in with everybody, and that’s exactly what Bree wants to do. This is her first time out in the real world, and she just wants people to like her.

TWIST: What’s the vibe like on the set of Lab Rats?
KB: It’s like one big family! From the minute we all stepped on to the set it was just so much fun everyday and the cast and I are very close.

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