Tristan Klier Shares 12 Things He Likes About Bella Thorne December 12, 2012


Tristan Klier shared 12 things that he likes about Bella Thorne today (12-12-12)!

Along with his Instagram of his girlfriend, he wrote:

In honor of 12-12-12 I’m gonna do something new and name 12 things I love about my gf. 1. She always makes me laugh 2. She takes care of me when I’m sick 3. She has the funniest impersonations 4. She makes the best beans 4. She has the prettiest eyes 5. She always bring me up on a bad day 6. She’s soo pretty 7. Her love for pretty little liars 8. How competitive she is 9. She’s so good at baseball 😉 10. How she has a killer right hook 11. The hilarious faces she makes at me 12. How I can make the ugliest faces and she still loves them. Have an amazing 12-12-12 @bellathornelovesyou :))))) Idea creds to @jessesagadencky

So nice!!!! Love it!!

Amy Crooks

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