Raini Rodriguez Answered Fans’ Questions And It Trended December 26, 2012

Raini Rodriguez held an #AskRaini session on Wednesday night (December 26, 2012), and it trended!!

Miss Raini retweed this photo and message:

How awesome!! I’ve never trended before! RT @omggkelly: @Raini_Rodriguez RAINI LOOK #ASKRAINI IS TRENDING IN THE U.S.

Here are some of the questions and answers from the Q & A:


#ASKRAINI How long have you been acting? @Raini_Rodriguez


@R5chiz it’ll be 8 years in jan!


@Raini_Rodriguez What’s your favorite Disney show besides A & A? And do you know you’re incredibly beautiful ? 😀 #AskRaini


@kayshaxo Good Luck Charlie is hilarious! And thank you! You are beautiful too!


@Raini_Rodriguez I think your really beautiful inside & out . I love your voice. Do you plan on releasing an album someday??


@itsnatalia96 thank you!! I would love to do an album and I’m working on all of that right now!! It’s another huge dream of mine!

Can’t wait for an album from Raini!!! Be sure to check out her Twitter to see what else she had to say!! 🙂

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