Bella Thorne Talked About Her And Zendaya’s Relationship January 3, 2013

Bella Thorne got on her Twitter last night (January 3, 2013) to talk about her and Zendaya‘s relationship! She basically told everyone that they are great friends, how much they care for each other, and that she hoped that both fan bases would not go against each other!

Bella’s tweets:

@ZendayaGlobal u have a good attitude but i’ve seen many that don’t. what u all don’t get is that me & z are close & we are in this together

@Zswagger612 what is there to compare or compete with? we are on the same show and have the same goals. we BOTH put SIU 1st. we are equal

@ZendayaGlobal look z and i are looking for projects we can share after siu…we aren’t splitting anytime soon haha

although i absolutely adore all my bellarinas/os..i also love other fan bases! how u support all of us is a treasure and i admire it!

@ZendayaArmy @ZendayaGlobal i am not sure how to more clearly explain this to u…z and i love each other just as u all should.

@ZendayaArmy i don’t like what any of u are’s that? do u think it helps to keep it up? seriously? me and z adore eachother.

@ZendayaArmy my relationship to z is one of the most important relationships in my life.

Then Zendaya tweeted to Bella:

@bellathorne ❤❤❤

More from Bella:

@ZendayaArmy these convos are not cool. we don’t want y’all fighting. we all need 2 come together and support eachother.

@GrandeFtThorne @ZendayaArmy I truly hope that u all can learn to love& consider each other family like we do.either way i still love u all

Finally Bella said this:

u guys, when u don’t see me and z together, it’s not bcuz we want it that way but z is busting her butt on her tour and she needs space to do that and we do see eachother everyday. the most beautiful and lasting friendships are the ones that can step back and know that u will ALWAYS be there for each other. we always talk and share secrets. she supports me in anything i do just as i do her. we truly love everyone on our show but ofc we are the closest bcuz we are sharing a very special moment in our lives and have grown together. u can’t really get any closer. she is my family and always will be. no one can stop that and no one will. she is 1 of the most beautiful talented and kind people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing and i will always be grateful to disney 4 putting her in my life

Zendaya again tweeted a message to Bella:

@bellathorne ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

So, hopefully all of this is understood!! As Zendaya always says, “keep it positive!”

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