Zendaya Apologized For Not Being On Twitter Lately

Zendaya tweeted a few messages last night (January 9, 2013). One, being an apology for not being on Twitter, and she gave a few reasons why:

sorry twitterverse…homework, stuffy nose…no bueno! haven’t been on twitter much!! trying to get it together!!

I just hope she feels better soon! I know all of the Zswaggers understand and feel the same way!! 🙂

Zendaya went on to talk about the live chat (taking place today) and the upcoming “Shake It Up” episode on Sunday.

She tweeted:

excited to chat with you guys at our lunchtime tomorrow…it will be short but sweet!! @bellathorne will post links for u guys!!

and get excited for an all new Shake It Up with @iamLeoHoward on Sunday!! it’s gonna be good!!! lots of surprises to come #SIUseason3

After all of that, Miss Coleman posted this photo above and said:

yah, I love this girl right here!!

Super nice! Feel better! 🙂

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