Will We See A New Video From Zendaya Today (January 14, 2013)?

I just got a tip from a fan of Zendaya‘s that she now has over 300,000 views of her dance video. Zendaya had said recently that she would release another video when this mark had been met!

Tweet from ‏@Miss_Becca93:

@dis411 Amy @Zendaya96 has reached to 301k views on #clique and that she’s gonna release her next vid when she hits 300k views :))

Oh, I hope today will be the day!!! 🙂

UPDATE: The new video will be released at 500,000 views; not 300,000.

Zendaya tweeted:

@dis411 @miss_becca93 lol nooooo I said 1/2 million views!! only 200,000 more to go!!!!

I responded with this:

@Zendaya96 @Miss_Becca93 oh darn!! I thought that you had changed it to 300K since I read this the other day: https://www.dis411.net/2013/01/12/zendaya-talked-about-releasing-new-video-january-12-2013/ …

And Zendaya tweeted back:

@dis411 oops sorry!! I guess I left off one of the Zeros!!

Just gotta get more views so that we can see the new video!!!

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