Photos: Dylan Riley Snyder Enjoyed His Birthday With His “Kickin’ It” Co-Stars

Dylan Riley Snyder turned 16 years old on Thursday (January 24, 2013), and shared some nice photos of himself with his “Kickin’ It” co-stars, Olivia Holt, Mateo Arias and Leo Howard.

Along with this pic, Dylan tweeted:

They say its your birthday…. We’re gonna have a good time! @olivia_holt @whoisleo @officialmateo

Dylan shared this nice one of his cast members with their set teachers.

His words:

The gangs all here with our set teachers!

Super nice photo of Dylan and Olivia sharing a hug. Dylan tweeted:

@olivia_holt my sweet girl gives huge bear hugs! Love her like a sis!

Oh, and Dylan tweeted back to us yesterday saying that he did have to pick out his own birthday card:

Dylan Riley Snyder Picking Out His Own Birthday Card? – Dis411 – Dis411 … true.. She’d couldn’t makeup her mind so I did!

That is so great!!! 🙂 So glad that you enjoyed your birthday, Dylan! 🙂

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