Debby Ryan Chatted With Moderation About Working On “Jessie”

Debby Ryan spoke with Moderation about her Disney Channel series, “Jessie.”

Take a look:

How is being on set of JESSIE different from Suite Life?

The set of JESSIE is different because there are new kids with a fresh perspective and there is a lot of excitement. We have worked hard to keep this a fun and wonderful kid environment. I really want to keep my fans from Suite Life who are going off to college and want something fun to watch.

Tell us a funny moment that had happened while filming JESSIE.

I bought the kids marshmallow blasters and one day they said they had a surprise for me and that I needed to go to my dressing room. I thought they had written me a song, or were going to show me a dance routine but instead they ran into my dressing room and blasted me with marshmallows! I even tried hiding under a pillow but that didn’t work! You always mess around with someone you love and that’s how we are.

How is working with the kids on set?

It is really fun! They love learning and are doing really well. I kind of feel like I’m nannying in real life and that I am their big sister. Even though they are still kids, they are very professional. I’m teaching them how to play the piano and they teach me dance routines and martial arts. I love them so much and give them hugs all the time!

Do you spend a lot of time with the cast while you aren’t filming?

I do! We are a family and really do love each other. We have had a laser tag competition and we ride scooters around the set all the time.

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