Disney Infinity Figures Unveiled at American International Toy Fair

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A yearly trade show called the American International Toy Fair kicked off last week in Manhattan, and yesterday, Disney unveiled a few new images from its upcoming game, Disney Infinity. The new toys on display focused on the upcoming film Monsters University, Disney-Pixar’s prequel to Monsters, Inc.

Disney Infinity is a sort of hybrid between toys and video games, where players use a real-world toy version of their favorite Disney characters and place it onto a device called an Infinity Base. This will create a virtual version of the character and transport them into virtual representations of Monsters University, the Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean. There is also a “Toy Box” mode where they can play in a virtual Toy Box to create their own Disney experiences.

Take a peek at this video from Disney Living of John Lasseter:

Here are some Disney Infinity images of the Monsters University version of Mike and Sulley along with some screen shots of the characters in action inside the virtual worlds of Disney Infinity.

Image: Disney Infinity Base Mike and Sulley Characters


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