Kat McNamara Reveals Her Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

TWIST Magazine had a chance to chat with Miss Kat McNamara about being a Girl Scout and her favorite Girl Scout cookie!!

Take a peek:

TWIST: Do you remember your first time selling cookies?
KM: I do remember my first time selling cookies! I was a little uncertain because I’d never gone door-to-door before. I always started with the people that I knew better and that made it a little easier to warm up to and get started. Once I got going, I just had so much fun! People love Girl Scout cookies, and when you come to their door, they’re so happy because you’re bringing them something delicious! It was always one of my favorite things.

TWIST: In Girl Scouts you get badges, were there any badges that you were really proud of that really meant something to you?
KM: One of my favorites was an outdoor activities badge. We went ziplining, which was a lot of fun. We did archery which was one of my favorite things. I love archery, it’s a blast for me, I feel like Maid Marion or Katniss! Repelling was the other thing we did, and I think repelling was my favorite of all. I loved it. It was really scary — you had to climb up this four-story tower and be hooked onto the top and lower yourself down. I was shaking like a leaf the first tie I did it, but once I got back to the bottom I wanted to go again! One of the things I loved about that experience is that nobody made fun of the girls who didn’t want to do it. We told them, “Well, it’s okay if you want to try,” and they’re like “No,” and we said “Okay, that’s fine, we support you.” It was a nice bonding experience for all of us. One of the things that I think is amazing about Girl Scouts is that everyone is accepted, no matter who you are, what you are, where you come from, you’re accepted, because that’s what Girl Scouts is all about.

TWIST: Do you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?
KM: My favorite growing up was always the peanut butter sandwiches, or the Do-si-do. I would always buy two or three boxes for myself, every year.

Read the full interview at the source.

Take a peek at the video of Kat talking about the Girl Scouts.

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