Lots Of Behind The Scenes Photos Of Trevor Jackson’s “Like We Grown” Video With Zendaya

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Trevor Jackson brings some fresh flavor and fire to R&B. The video for “Like We Grown,” Trevor Jackson’s new track for Atlantic Records, features Zendaya as the leading lady. “My favorite part about making this video was that I was able to work with a lot of my friends, so it didn’t seem like work, we were just having fun,” Trevor notes. “The concept of the video was a combination of how the director (Mike Ho) and I would approach a girl.” “Like We Grown” will be available at all DSPs on Tuesday, February 26th

With his Atlantic Records debut on the horizon, the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter now stands primed to leave his mark on R&B/Pop music. “I’m most excited for the fans to see and hear what I’ve been working on. They’ve been so supportive from day one, so this is dedicated to them. Hope you all enjoy and add Like We Grown to your playlist!” The sixteen-year-old triple-threat, who also counts acting and dancing among his extensive repertoire of talents, will make a Guest Appearance on Criminal Minds on Wednesday, March 20th on CBS.

Photo Credit: Kris Hanson

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