Oana Gregory Talked About Working On “Crash & Bernstein” With Bop And Tiger Beat

Oana Gregory from Disney XD’s “Crash & Bernstein” was interviewed by Bop and Tiger Beat.

Take a peek:

Q: So you’re working on your new show called Crash and Bernstein, can you explain your character a little bit?
A: My character, Amanda, she’s the oldest of the siblings and she’s sort of like the bossy, opinionated first-born child. She’s a fashionista, she’s very into fashion and everything. Typical first-born.

Q: How are you alike or different from your character in real life?
A: Well, I’m definitely not as bossy. I’m more down to earth. (laughs) But we are very alike in our fashion sense. I really like dressing up as Amanda.

Q: So Crash is a puppet, is it weird interacting with him?
A: It was at first! Obviously Tim the puppeteer is doing the puppet and I’d be looking at him instead of the puppet when he was doing the lines. We got used to it. He’s just like another actor now.

Q: So do you and the cast hang out outside of filming?
A: Yeah, we actually hang out a lot. We go bowling or we’ll go to just hang out and get some ice cream. Landry and I are actually really close, we just had a sleep over! We play ping pong on set a lot. We have a ping pong table. I’m not that great.

Q: Have you had any embarrassing or funny moments while filming or on set or behind-the-scenes?
A: I mean I guess not really embarrassing, but we had snakes on set and I was practically on the verge of crying. (laughs) I had to be practically a foot away from them and I mean I had to look scared so I guess my emotions were really real.

Q: What about a singing career? I know a lot of Disney Channel stars kind of go into singing after acting. Would you be interested in that?
A: I would. I’ve always really liked singing. Ever since I was little. I love singing. I’m actually trying to work on my own music right now.

Q: If you could co-star with someone in a movie or TV show, who would it be and why?
A: I would have to say Cameron Diaz because we get that I look like her a lot. So maybe she could play my mom or something!

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