Olivia Holt Revealed A Funny Story About Filming An Episode Of “Kickin’ It” For Season 3

Olivia Holt was interviewed by Bop and Tiger Beat and she talked about season 3 of her hit Disney XD series, “Kickin’ It.”

Take a peek:

BOP&TB: Can we expect any surprises from your character this year?
Olivia Holt: Definitely. Kim is really branching out this season. She’s very honest with her feelings and especially towards Jack. She’s carrying herself quite well with growing up.

BOP&TB: What was the funniest thing that happened on set filming for the new season?
Olivia Holt: We had a bunch of farm animals on our set for an episode we did, and they brought in a horse. I love animals, so I was around the horse all day long! Well right before we were about to shoot the scene with the horse, it was right behind me and sneezed all over my back. It scared me, but it was hilarious. The cast, crew, and I were laughing the rest of the time.

Read the full interview at the source.

Don’t forget to tune in to see an all new episode of “Kickin’ It” tonight (April 8, 2013)!

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