Caroline Sunshine On The Cover Of Parenting OC’s May 2013 Issue

“Shake It Up” starlet, Caroline Sunshine, looks beautiful on the May 2013 cover of Parenting OC

Such a gorgeous photo of her and her mom, Karen, too! Karen discusses their family values and staying grounded:

Shining Principles from the Sunshines

24-Hour Rule

The entertainment industry is not always kind, and anyone who pursues a career in the field is going to face a lot of rejection. The Sunshines have made it a point that when Caroline faces a rejection that really bums her out, she has 24-hours to wallow. After that, she has to move on. Karen explains that otherwise, if she spends days and weeks dwelling on a missed opportunity, acting no longer becomes fun — and if it’s not fun, they do not want her doing it.

48-Hour Plan

As a full time student with a full time job that has to frequently travel for work, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a big workload. To help lighten the load, Caroline and her parents have devised a 48-hour plan where they look at what needs to be done in the next two days, rather than looking at what needs to be done in the next two weeks. Instead of taking it day by day, the Sunshines take it two days at a time.

Everyone Gets Some Sun

Caroline’s parents make it a point to make all the kids in the family feel special. The entire family celebrates all accomplishments equally — whether it’s nabbing a movie role or doing exceptionally well in lacrosse, the siblings all go to each others’ games and events and no one child is ever overly celebrated or talked about.

So great! Read the full article at the source!

Caroline also shared this on her website.

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