“Toy Story” Returns in Television Special This Year

According to TVGuide, ABC will air an all new 30-minute television special this fall ahead of Halloween called “Toy Story of Terror.” It will bring back much of the original voice cast from the “Toy Story” franchise. The special will include long-time favorites like Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles) and Rex (Wallace Shawn) but it appears that Jessie (Joan Cusack) will be the “star” of the show. In the TVGuide interview, producer Galyn Susman offers up a few of the shows details, “Bonnie is on a road trip to go see grandma with her mom and the toys are in the trunk. Mom gets a flat tire and they have to spend the night at a motel and all kinds of chaos ensues.”

There are a few other toys along for the ride in the special including a few of Bonnie’s who first appeared the the third “Toy Story” installment; Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton) and Trixie (Kristen Schaal). Another notable appearance will be from Combat Carl (Carl Weathers), who had a very brief appearance in the first film before being blown up by Sid.


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