Disney Infinity Monsters University Play Set Details

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We’ve had the opportunity to look at several of the play sets leading up to the August 18 release of Disney Infinity. Today, we have another one from Disney Interactive, this time detailing Monsters University, which will be part of the Disney Infinity starter pack along with The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean play sets.

Like all of the Disney Infinity play sets, you will have the opportunity to take on the roles of some of your favorite stars. For Monsters University that includes Mike, Sulley and Randy. The games developer, Avalanche Software, has worked with Pixar to develop the look of Fear Tech’s campus, which will make its debut in the play set. The play set provides for some unique action for players who compete in a Fear-It Week challenge including:

  • Pranks, Humor and Customization: Players can utilize scare tactics to prank opponents and perfect the art of sneak attacks. They can also customize their own Frat Row buildings with a collection of colors, designs and decorations found throughout the play set. Students in the world come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized with wings, fangs, spikes, tails and other accessories. Bikes can be unlocked to perform stunts, tricks and other speedy maneuvers.
  • Play Set: The Monsters University play set adds its own specialized game play mechanics and pieces to the Disney Infinity world, including unique gadgets such as the toilet paper launcher, paintball launcher, foam hand and the ability to ride on Archie the Scare Pig. These can also be activated in Toy Box mode which will allow players to create all-new prank challenges, build and customize worlds and much more.
  • Toy Box mode: The trio of Mike, Sulley and Randy are able to interact with all of the previously revealed Disney Infinity characters from The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars to create new and exciting adventures in customized worlds.

Disney Infinity Monsters University Play Set Trailer

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