Karan Brar Reveals Some Of His Favorite Things During Twitter Q & A June 3, 2013

Karan Brar answered tons of questions during his Twitter #AskKaran session on Monday (June 3, 2013)!

The “Jessie” actor revealed some of his favorite things and more!

“@iwovcb: @TheKaranBrar favorite desert? #askkaran” Ice cream!!

“@S_Febbles: @TheKaranBrar do you like mexican food? LoveYou❤ #AskKaran” of course!! It’s one of my favorites!

“@liviebieber07: @TheKaranBrar whats your middle name #askkaran” I don’t have one

“@ItsMeAllyDawson: @TheKaranBrar //Do you watch Austin & Ally? #AskKaran” yes!! It’s such a good show!! 🙂

“@Thatlovelyemma: @TheKaranBrar #askkaran what is your favorite thing about being on Jessie?” Working with such an amazing cast and crew!!

“@KatMartin13: @thekaranbrar do you watch #KickinIt #AskKaranBrar” yes I do!

“@muchlove4bieb: @TheKaranBrar Do U Like Chinese Food? Please Anwser LoveYou” yup it’s my favorite!!

“@summrforever: @TheKaranBrar
whats ur fav disney show??” Gravity falls!

“@shakeitlikeusd: @TheKaranBrar Have you ever met @Zendaya? 🙂 #askkaran” yes and we go to school together!

Did Karan answer one of your questions?

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Don’t forget to tune in for an all new “Jessie” on Friday, June 7 on Disney Channel!

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