Eric Allan Kramer Back To Tweeting June 11, 2013

Have you noticed that Eric Allan Kramer (Bob Duncan on “Good Luck Charlie”) has started tweeting again? He posted a message on June 11th. He had last tweeted on November 4, 2011!!

After spending time with Kevin Chamberlin (“Jessie”), Mr. Kramer mentioned that Kevin said he needed to get back on Twitter.

He tweeted:

Sitting with @kevinchamberlin of #Jessie on set who has just told me I need to get back on the horse and tweet… #badtweeter

He also posted this message to onscreen wife, Leigh-Allyn Baker:

@L_A_Baker Oh, yeah… @kevinchamberlin got me back on this crazy horse called Twitter yesterday… It’s been 2-1/2 years between tweets…

This was a nice Twitter exchange between Eric and Mrs. Baker yesterday:

About an hour ago, Eric tweeted about Bradley Steven Perry (“Good Luck Charlie”):

Okay, I just turned off all the water in @bradley_s_perry ‘s dressing room bathroom… Don’t anybody tell him…

So fun!

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