Laura Marano Talked With Fanlala About Writing “It’s Finally Me” For “Austin & Ally”

Laura Marano visited with Fanlala and dished on the upcoming episode of “Austin & Ally” (“Tracks & Troubles”) that will premiere on Disney Channel June 23, 2013!

The episode will feature an all new song written by Laura called “It’s Finally Me.”

Take a peek:

Fanlala: Who’s idea was it for you to write a song for ‘Austin & Ally,’ and how did it come about?

LM: I’ve been wanting to write a song for a while. I had talked to different people, Disney, Kevin, our producer, and we all thought it would be great, but it was left up in the air for a while. We kind of went into action and I met Matt Tishler who wrote “Don’t Look Down,” which was the first song for ‘Austin & Ally.’ Ben Charles and Matt wrote a few songs for the show like “Christmas Soul” for the ‘Jessie’ crossover.

Eventually, everything clicked and writing the new song came easily. We finished it in a few hours. It was an awesome experience, it all came together nicely. I’m so happy they used the song.

Fanlala: What is the song about?

LM: At the beginning of ‘Austin & Ally,’ we all know that Ally started off shy and insecure. In the second season, she gets more outgoing. Ally gets over her stage fright, and the song “It’s Finally Me” is about her becoming herself and feeling great in her own skin and feeling right about what she’s doing. As an adolescent going through an identity search all the time, you have days not feeling completely confident, and there are other days where you feel great, happy charismatic with the moment that’s happening. It’s about that point where you reach the level of confidence that you wanted.

Fanlala: Have you been working on any other music?

LM: Yes I have. I’m always writing songs. This month I have been going to different studios and co-writing. I’m having a blast! It’s been hard to describe. I’ve been writing songs since I was five. I’m really just creating new music and finding different sounds, and what I want to be as an artist.

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