Laura Marano Talked With M Magazine About Her Solo Performance On “Austin & Ally”

Laura Marano was interviewed by M Magazine about her first solo performance in the upcoming “Austin & Ally” episode this Sunday (June 23, 2013).

Take a peek:

You’re prepping for your first solo performance ever on Austin & Ally. Were you nervous to sing without Ross Lynch?

Laura: A little bit of both. A reason for my nervousness is not just because it’s my first performance, but I also had the opportunity to co-write the song, so I’m nervous about people loving it!

Have you dabbled in songwriting?

Laura: I’ve been writing since I was five or six. IT’s crazy because Ally’s a songwriter, I’m a songwriter — what’s happening? I’m pretty stoked!

Does having the rest of the cast around make you more or less nervous when you perform?

Laura: I’d be less nervous because you have three amazing people with you, but when I was doing the [solo] song, it was so awesome because the cast were so supportive and the whole crew was really supportive — I felt like I was performing in front of my family. And you know, 100 other extras who I didn’t know, but still!

Read the full interview at the source!

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