Olivia Holt Dished On “I Didn’t Do It,” New Music And “Kickin’ It” In USA Today Interview

Olivia Holt talked with USA Today about her new Disney Channel Original Series, “I Didn’t Do It,” working on new music and “Kickin’ It.”

Take a peek:

Q: What can we look forward to in your new show I Didn’t Do It?


It’s a very unique show and it’s something that Disney hasn’t done before. Basically the concept of the show is about myself and my fraternal twin brother (Austin North) going about their everyday lives as freshmen in high school with their friends. The unique part about the show is the very end of the story starts at the beginning. So the entire show is basically a flashback of how my brother and I didn’t do it. It will be a really fun show. We’re really looking forward to starting production and I’m excited for all my Kickin’ It fans to see something new that I’m doing.

Q: So you’re still filming Kickin’ It this season, right? Will this be your last season?


Yes, I am. We’re not 100% sure what is happening. But it’s the best season so far. There’s so many different character changes and every episode is getting bigger and bigger and better and better, which is amazing. I couldn’t imagine a better crew or cast to spend the past three years with.

Q: Who’s your favorite cast mate on Kickin’ It?


I love all of them but the one who makes me laugh the most – because I love laughing – is Jason Earles. He’s constantly making me laugh, but I love all of them. They are all my faves.

Q: And your favorite episode of that show?


There’s actually an episode that hasn’t aired yet in season three but it is airing soon that is called ‘Two Dates and a Funeral.’ It’s my favorite because this is an episode that is not necessarily just about martial arts, but it’s about everyone’s character and what they actually been feeling inside or who they really are. And Jason Earles actually directed this episode, too, so it was really fun to connect with him while directing. It was just a really fun episode to shoot.

Q: Do you have new music of your own in the works?


Yeah, I’m actually in the recording studio right now working on new music. And I’ve also been experiencing the writing process, which has been really fun. Hopefully, I will have new music from me this fall. We’re trying to get things together for that but it’s just been a super crazy busy schedule with filming of Kickin’ It and going onto the new show. But I’m definitely recording some new stuff now.

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