Is Olivia Holt Competitive When She Plays Games?

Olivia Holt chatted with Just Jared Jr. about her new Disney Channel Original Series, “I Didn’t Do It,” and PlayMG. Is the “Kickin’ It” star competitive when she plays games? Read to find out! You’re so busy! Shen do you have time to play games?

Olivia Holt: Usually I’m always working, but when I do have that down time in between takes and in between scenes and during lunch and when we’re kind of waiting around, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to pick it up and be able to play games.

JJJ: Are you someone who gets hooked on one game or do you like to play a little bit of everything?

OH: I like a variety of games and trying out new things is never a bad thing, but I do have my favorite. I’m really into this game right now called Heads Up. It’s a charades kind of game and it has different categories that you can do and it’s really fun. What I love about it is you get a chance to get to do it with your friends, which I think is really fun.

JJJ: Do you have any say in what the device looks like or anything like that?

OH: Yeah, we’re actually in the process of doing new things like that because nowadays kids love going to get cases for their phones and they’re getting accessories and other things for their device. And with Play MG, I get a chance to be able to design cases and lay out the accessories. So I’m really pumped to be able to do that because that’s something especially girls love to do, so I think that’ll be fun to be part of.

JJJ: Do you think kids with be able to convince their parents to get PlayMG?

OH: Absolutely, this is a device, it’s not a phone. What I love about it is, it teaches kids the responsibility because it has kind of a balance system on it, so parents can put on how much they want to give their kids to buy games. And then can be like, “Well I have 5 dollars left, so I want to use this wisely.” I think it’s interesting that they have that on the device and it also all based on wifi, so if you want to buy a new game, you have to be on wifi. You can have all your social medias on it, which I love because I’m constantly on my social medias and you can play games so it’s really fun as well. So I’m really, really excited to see what kids think of this.

JJJ: Are you a super competitive person when you play games?

OH: Absolutely (laughs). I’ve always kind of been a competitive person. It was really funny because when we did the photo, Kyrie and I played and we were very competitive against each other. We kind of have a brother/sister relationship, so we were smack talking back and forth.

JJJ: We know you have a new show coming up! What can you tell us about your role in I Didn’t Do It?

OH: My character is named Lindy Watson and she is kind of a blossoming girl. She grew up with braces and glasses, kind of a geeky one, in the out-crowd. Now she’s becoming a freshman in high school and it’s changed tremendously. And she also has an older brother who’s name is Logan and is played by my co-star Austin North and he’s kind of the annoying brother that she can’t stand. They also have the competitive brother/sister relationship. It’s actually a really fun show. I’m really looking forward to starting production. The end of the story begins at the beginning of the show so the rest of the show is kind of a flashback or a retelling of how my brother and I “didn’t do it.” It’s really, really fun and I’m really looking forward to it.

Learn more about Olivia Holt’s involvement with PlayMG here.

Read the full interview at the source.

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