Teen Game Review: “NCAA Football 14”

Although I don’t like to spoil a review this fast, NCAA Football 14 is by far the best NCAA Football game I have ever played. Last year’s NCAA Football was a step in the right direction with the Infinity Engine, and now it seems they have mastered it.


The graphics in this game are just phenomenal! When I was little, I always wondered if a football game would ever be realistic enough to just sit back and watch CPU play against each other, as if I was just watching a football game on live TV. The detail they used are truly incredible. Player’s faces look just as I would see them. So I can finally say that this game you can literally sit back and watch it, but of course it is still made for playing.


Man, what can I not say about the gameplay? Dynasty mode feels like I became an actual coach in real life. The new XP system they added just makes it even more realistic. You can have better offensive stats for your players, or have your recruitment job be a little easier.

Now although Dynasty mode is still amazing, the new Ultimate Team is awesome! Ultimate Team has been around since Madden 2010, but this is the first year it was added on a college football game. I have played Ultimate Team since Madden 2011, and I can say, this is the best Ultimate Team for sure. The fact that you can have JimĀ Plunkett and Bo Jackson on the same team is just epic. The only complaint that I have, in any aspect of this game, is they don’t have trading in Ultimate Team, which is kind of a bummer but you can over look it.



Now since it is an NCAA game, there really aren’t many choices for music, so lets just talk about the sound effects. Every time you start a play, you feel like you’re out there on the field. You can hear a ton of stuff from the players, which is really cool. The tackling sound effects are pretty good too. All in all, the sounds in this game are extremely good.


Totally astounding how great this game is. You absolutely need to pick it up when you can. For sure a must have.



Genre: Sports

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Players: 1-4 players and up to 2 online

Developer: Visual Concepts, EA Sports, EA Canada, EA Tiburon

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platforms: XBox 360, PS3

Release Date: 7/9/13

Clayton Crooks III

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