Tweets From The “Good Luck Charlie” Cast About The Last Day On The Set July 12, 2013

I have been putting this post off because it makes me emotional to think about! The “Good Luck Charlie” cast posted some really sad tweets on Friday (July 12, 2013) as they talked about the finality of their show! Ugh!!

Leigh-Allyn Baker tweeted on Friday (July 12):

@bridgitmendler @EricAllanKramer @jason_s_dolley @bradley_s_perry I don’t think I can do this. I’m just not ready to let you go.

Eric Allan Kramer replied:

@L_A_Baker @bridgitmendler @jason_s_dolley @bradley_s_perry Hard day… But even after the cameras stop, we will always be family…

Bridgit Mendler posted some tweets:

Last day of Good Luck Charlie… Let the waterworks begin. #whoamikiddingtheyvealreadystarted

@L_A_Baker @ericallankramer @jason_s_dolley @bradley_s_perry are you kidding me! I can’t say goodbye to family 🙁

Bradley Steven Perry said:

One last drive to work for Good Luck Charlie… Sad day.

After the last scene, Mr. Kramer tweeted:

@L_A_Baker @bridgitmendler @jason_s_dolley @bradley_s_perry @miatalerico101 final hug was special… Felt like it was just us in the room…

Can hardly keep the tears back after that one!

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