China Anne McClain Talked About The New Project She Is Working On In Canada

China Anne McClain visited with Teen Vogue about everything that she has been working on (“A.N.T. Farm,” “Grown Ups 2,” “Sing Your Face Off” and music) and what is coming up for her!

The 14 year old just recently went to Canada, and I was so curious as to what she was doing!

Teen Vogue asked:

Are you doing anything else this summer?

China’s response:

I’m going to Canada soon to shoot a Disney made-for-TV movie. It’s called Build a Better Boy and it’s about my best friend, Kelly, there’s this guy she likes but he’s only using her to cheat off her math homework. So I’m like, “OK, let’s build you a better boy.” We go on the computer—her dad works for a video game company—and I code her a boyfriend. He’s like a fake boyfriend, but he goes to the school and gets really popular. And we’re all trying to deal with it, because he’s, you know, fake!

And Miss McClain chatted about “Sing Your Face Off” too:

I just finished working on this new project called Sing Your Face Off. It’s a musical show on ABC about five celebrity contestants, and we’re all performing each night and competing against each other, but we’re performing as other musical geniuses—we take on the identities of other artists, like Beyoncé. I’m on it with Lisa Rinna, Landry Fields, Jon Lovitz—who’s actually in Grown Ups, too—and Sebastian Bach.

Awesome! Such a busy young lady!

Read the full interview at the source.

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