Bella Thorne Talked About Her Plans For The Next Few Weeks August 3, 2013

Bella Thorne spent a lot of time on Twitter (as she does often) last night (August 3, 2013) with her Bellarinos/Bellarinas!

The Disney starlet talked about her schedule for the upcoming weeks.

She replied to a fan about when she will be filming her next movie:

@OhMyBellaThorne in a couple of weeks but i am in the studio recording music till then

Yay! Can’t wait to hear her new music and see Miss Bella’s upcoming movies!

Did you play this or that with Bella?

She tweeted:

who’s up for a game of this or that? ask awayyyy

Bella picked summer or winter, rain over snow, Converse over Vans, etc.

When asked about her album’s release date, Bella said:

@JuanfraLozano single in the fall…next year album

And finally the “Shake It Up” sweetheart’s thoughts on singers:

ofc i love male musicians but i gotta say..the girls are killing it. we have some of the best female entertainers of all time.

Don’t forget that an all new “Shake It Up” airs tonight on Disney Channel!

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