“Disney Planes” Game Review

“Disney Planes” big screen release is only a few days away, and in anticipation of the movie release, we have a review of the Wii version of the “Planes” video game. If you are unfamiliar with the premise of the movie, it is basically a plane based spin-off of the Pixar created “Cars,” but with the movie being produced by DisneyToon Studios. Dusty, a crop duster, is the main character in “Planes,” but he dreams of being a racing champion. As a simple crop duster, racing is certainly not what he was designed to do.

While our review of “Planes” is for the Wii version, the game is available for a number of Nintendo platforms including the Wii U, DS and 3DS. It’s actually nice to see another game for the Wii U as things have been very light on the release schedule for the struggling console. Including the aforementioned hero, Dusty, you can play as one of 6 characters that appear in the movie (in the Wii version — other versions vary). One of things that is quickly apparent in the game is the easy to use controls. Children, as well as adults, will have absolutely no problem just picking up this game and playing it. As a game that is rated “E for Everyone”, and designed mostly for young children, that’s a big plus.

The game graphics are not the strongest point of the game, the easy to use controller functions hold that title, but they are certainly more than adequate with environments and characters representing their big screen counterparts very well. There are a number of play modes in the game including Air Rallies, Story Mode, Free Flight and Balloon Popping. Story Mode is very well conceived, but a bit on the short side. While playing the game, we enjoyed all of the modes, but our favorite was Free Flight. It was enjoyable to really explore the 10 game environments which range from Propwash Junction to China. Air Rallies is basically a racing game and Balloon Popping, while fun at first glance, gets kinda boring rather quickly.

Games adapted from movies are often very poorly constructed and ill-conceived. Many times, they have little or nothing to offer. I’m happy to say that this is not the case with “Planes.” The controls, which were a very strong point, deserve another mention. The music seems to have been borrowed from the movie and is top-notch while the voice overs are mostly average. There is nothing about the game that keeps it from being an above average title. Overall, if your child loves “Planes” the movie, I think they’ll love “Planes” the video game as well.

“Disney Planes” Game Trailer

“Disney Planes” 3DS and Wii U Images


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