“Disney Infinity: Toy Box” Mobile App Now Available

The second mobile app from “Disney Infinity,” “Disney Infinity: Toy Box” is now available in the App store for the iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Mini. You should hurry to grab the app is it’s free through October 5th. This app allows you to build and edit Toy Boxes on your iPad and later play them on your console. When you sync an iPad Toy Box to your console game, you will be given instant access to new props, toys and themes.

There are some very cool features in the app, but here are a few of the key elements:

  • You can edit and create on the consoles, but the multi-touch controls for building, expanding and playing are a great way to take your creations on the road. Any item unlocked in your console version of the Toy Box will become available in the app.
  • You can create you own stories and adventures by combining characters, environments, gadgets, vehicles and more.
  • The app includes over 60 free items to build Toy Boxes. The items include everything from unique terrain to track pieces and decorations. You begin with Mr. Incredible and can utilize the web codes that come with Disney Infinity figures that you purchase at retail stores to download the characters in-game for free. You can also purchase additional characters in app.
  • Cross-platform functionality. Build and edit for any console version, or multiple if you happen to have multiple systems.

The app is available on the App Store.

“Disney Infinity: Toy Box” Trailer:

Images of “Disney Infinity: Toy Box” :


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