Bella Thorne Talked About Her Trip To Mexico October 2, 2013

Bella Thorne had told her followers previously about her trip to Mexico in October to film a new commercial for Danimals.

The “Shake It Up” star answered some of her Bellarinas/Bellarinos’ questions via Twitter on Wednesday (October 2, 2013) and talked more about that.

When asked what date she would be in Mexico City, Bella tweeted back:

@AleLoveThorne not sure because danimlas moved their shoot to the US. i’m still going to do a vacay there when i get a break tho

Bella chatted about going to New Mexico to film a movie. When asked how she was by @xxdaisies, Miss Bella said:

@xxdaisies great. getting ready to go to new mexico next weekend

So it looks like her trip to Mexico is not taking place right now, but she is going to NEW Mexico. 🙂

She also responded to a question about what she had eaten for the day:

@astriddd16 ribs, parsley potatoes and corn for dinner. eggs w/ jalapeno, mozzarella and avocado for bfast

@paolaf07 wanted to know the exact date that Bella and Tristan started dating, and she replied:

@paolaf07 nov 20 mom’s bday

So great!!

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