Laura Marano And Ross Lynch Talk How They Act Like An Old Married Couple

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano talked with J-14 Magazine about their relationship.

When they asked Ross if he’d ever date his “Austin & Ally” co-star, he said:

[Laura and I] are kind of like a married couple. We argue a lot about who is always right. That happens a lot on set. We’re really friendly, help each other out, and have each other’s backs on set.

When the magazine spoke with Laura recently, she laughed and said:

kind of true.

She went on to say:

We fight all the time over married couple things… Ross will say something and I’ll be like, ‘Ross, is that really true?’ And then I’ll say the exact opposite. Or I’ll say something and Ross will say the exact opposite and eye roll. And we start bickering. It’s funny.

Miss Marano also talk about how the “Jessie” cast felt about their “friendly debating” while they worked on the crossover with them last year:

We’ve done this since we first met, it’s just who we are to each other. When we did the Jessie crossover, we were all together — the Austin & Ally cast and the Jessie cast — and Ross and I got into a conversation where we started bickering. I think the Jessie cast was kind of scared and uncomfortable and thought we were really actually fighting. We’re not. We’re just friendly fighting, if that’s a thing. Friendly debating. You could tell how awkward they felt. They thought they had to break it up. And Ross was like, ‘Guys, don’t worry. This is our life. This is literally what we do.’ So it was kind of hilarious. We are an old married couple in that way. Raini and I joke all the time that we’re the wives on set and we make Calum and Ross do everything that we say. Which is kind of true.

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