Hands On With “Disney Infinity’s” Newest Character Jack Skellington


If you’re a fan of the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the newest “Disney Infinity” character Jack Skellington will be right up your alley. His scare attack and his pumpkin throw ability are my favorite attacks that any “Disney Infinity” character has to offer so far. Although I haven’t watched The Nightmare Before Christmas in quite some time, I plan to see the Second Screen Live: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in the next week. Since hearing about the Second Screen Live event, I have really been excited for Jack Skellington to be released, and will be playing as him for awhile.

Here’s a video of my first gameplay with Jack:

Clayton Crooks III

Clayton Crooks III (aka Ghost) is a regular contributor to the game section of Dis411. He enjoys watching his favorite teams (Lakers, Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and TN Volunteers), playing video games, traveling to Walt Disney World and playing with his two cats: Cassie and Sylvester.

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