J.J. Totah Visited With Sweety High About Working With Debby Ryan And Talked “Back In The Game”


We all know J.J. Totah as the boy (Stuart) who is interested in Skai Jackson‘s character (Zuri) on Disney Channel’s “Jessie!”

Mr. Totah is now working on ABC’s “Back In the Game,” and Sweety High had a chance to chat with the young actor.

On working with Debby Ryan on “Jessie,” J.J. said:

It was really cool working with Debby Ryan. She was so experienced. She has spent a lot of her time acting on Disney Channel shows, and she gave me a couple of tips. It was great working with a professional.

He talked about his favorite moments:

The most outstanding moments were when I booked “Jessie” and when I booked “Back In the Game.” Those were the best feelings. Now I have the time of my life and I die and go to heaven everyday.

In the interview with Sweety High, J.J. mentioned how he feels about his family:

My brother and my sister are definitely my inspirations. My sister is the reason I started in show business. My brother is 18 and he has autism .We’ve done what we can to get him help, and he’s amazing and extraordinary. He’s the reason I keep going everyday.

My mom is awesome, and my dad is crazy but also awesome. I just love everybody in my family. They are my biggest inspiration.

Be sure to click here to read the full interview! So great!

And, tune in to watch “Back in the Game” on Wednesdays on ABC!

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  • October 24, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    I love the show Back in the Game.. it was awesome 🙂


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