“Disney Infinity” Toy Box Thursday Winners Revealed For “Disney Movie Challenge”


“Disney Infinity’s” Toy Box Thursday is something we look forward to each week, and the anticipation was even that much greater for the past few days because we couldn’t wait to see the Toy Boxes everyone had created for the “Disney Movie Challenge!” Thursday’s finally here, and today, Disney Interactive has revealed the winners of last weeks challenge.


The winning submissions can be seen above and include:

  • Swiss Family: Explore the treehouse, swim in the grotto and fend off the pirate invasion on the beach.
  • 100 Acre Wood: Find 10 hidden Winnie the Poohs in the 100 acre wood.
  • The Pride Lands: Inspired by Disney’s classic The Lion King, explore the wild Pride Lands and climb the Tree of Life.
  • Fantasia: Visit Yensid’s magic work shop. Fetch water and prove your magic prowess against 100 enchanted brooms! (Extra Props from us for Sorcerer Mickey!)
  • Tangled Hunt: The queen has fallen ill! Players will need to find the Golden Flower in time to save the day.

Here is a compilation video from each of the winners:

To download the new Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity follow these steps:

  • Select “Toy Box” from the Disney Infinity Main Menu
  • Select “Toy Box Share” and “Disney’s Toy Boxes.”
  • There will be a list of all the featured Toy Boxes for players to download.

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