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I’m sure that most everyone has seen some variation of Charles Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol.” It is undoubtedly the most remade Christmas story in existence with remakes ranging from the very serious to the whimsical. There are small screen and big screen adaptations, and there’s a very good and simple reason that it’s been remade so many times and in so many ways. It’s a very good story with very good characters.

“Mickey’s Christmas Carol” is one of our favorites that retells this classic story. This Disney version follows the basics of the story using some of your favorite classic Disney characters. The movie is short and to the point which is actually very good in this case. The story has just enough detail so that kids can relate to it, but doesn’t suffer with long lapses that would have them losing their interests and moving on to something different.


As I already mentioned, the basic story is one that we all know, and this adaptation has Disney Characters in the famous roles. Scrooge McDuck plays the part of Ebenezer Scrooge, a penny-pinching and uncaring businessman who is so focused on his lust and desire for money that he ignores everything else around him. It’s an interesting note that Walt Disney modeled the Scrooge McDuck character after Ebenezer Scrooge. While his bank account is certainly full, his life has not been and he has missed out on so many of the most important things in life.

Bob Cratchit, played my Mickey Mouse, is an underpaid and overworked employee that works for Scrooge. He very hesitantly asks for a half-day off for Christmas and is met with an unfriendly response that it will be unpaid. Cratchit is simply grateful to have the half-day off to spend with his family. Later, Scrooge is kindly asked for a donation by Ratty and Mole, and as you would assume, he wants no part of giving any of his money away. Scrooge responds in a careful way to justify his greediness by saying that if he were to give them the donation, then the poor would no longer be poor and he would put Rat and Mole out of a job.


Scrooge has a young nephew named Fred (played by Donald Duck) who invites his angry uncle to a holiday feast with all the trimmings beginning with roast goose (although I’m not so sure that this is a wise choice when discussing dinner with a duck) with chestnut dressing and ending with cinnamon cake with lemon glaze for desert. Scrooge turns down the offer, and again justifies it in his own unique way by stating that such a meal would cause him health problems. Later that night, Scrooge is visited by three ghosts of Christmas, past, present and future. They show him the mistakes he has made in the past, his terrible treatment of his employee and family in the present time, and the miserable future that is to come unless he changes his way.

This movie works on so many levels. The story is great, and although it’s rather funny to think of cartoon characters being cast for parts, these Classic Disney Characters fit perfectly in their respective roles. As I previously noted, there is a reason that Scrooge McDuck was perfect for the Ebenezer Scrooge role, Walt Disney modeled him after the character. Mickey Mouse has always been a cheerful, and even a very humble character you might say, so the role of Bob Cratchit was certainly easy to see. This is a must see Disney movie that is, for the first time, now available on Blu-ray. Along with the great movie, you get a few extra features on this new edition. They are a huge bonus in this case as they include some very hard to find shorts:

  • Yodelberg (all-new Minnie and Mickey)
  • The Hockey Champ (Donald and his nephews)
  • Pluto’s Christmas Tree (Pluto and Chip & Dale)
  • The Art of Skiing (Goofy)
  • Corn Chips (Donald and Chip & Dale)

Movie Clip (not from Blu-ray edition):


Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

Directed by Burny Mattinson

Writing Credits: Burny Mattinson & Tony Marino

Release Date (Blu-ray): November 5, 2013


Alan Young: Ebenezer Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck) (voice)

Wayne Allwine: Bob Cratchit – Mickey Mouse / Weasel Gravedigger / Begger Dog (voice)

Hal Smith: Jacob Marley’s Ghost (Goofy) / Collector for the Poor #1 (voice)

Will Ryan: Collector for the Poor #2 / The Ghost of Christmas Present (Willie the Giant) / Ghost of Christmas Future (Pete) (voice)

Eddie Carroll: Ghost of Christmas Past (Jiminy Cricket) (voice) (as Eddy Carroll)

Patricia Parris: Belle (Daisy Duck) (voice)

Dick Billingsley: Tiny Tim (voice)

Clarence Nash: Nephew Fred – Donald Duck (voice)


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