Debby Ryan Chatted With Fanlala About Her Music December 13, 2013


Debby Ryan chatted with Fanlala about her new band The Never Ending.

When they asked how she and the band got together, Miss Ryan said:

We got together, it’s actually been a year or two in the making. We have a studio and a production label. Harrison came together to play on a track, and that’s when we really started writing. I was actually a fan of his other band, and we really hit it off. We kept bringing Johnny, our drummer in. I’d literally be making noises with my mouth, and he 100% got it, he delivered it every time. Carman came in and he’s done some amazing guitar work and Edwin’s on the upright bass. Kyle was the missing link, he’s what we needed to complete the band. He brings a rhythm and harmony, he and I just have this amazing vibe together.

She also mentioned that we will hear more music from them in 2014:

One-hundred percent. 2014 is *the year!* We’re all very busy. I was on ‘Jessie,’ the guys are doing their own thing, so promo shoots are very difficult. But now we’re rolling, and the momentum is very unstoppable. It hasn’t been easy to get with them, but we’re really trying to pull this together. In 2014, fans can expect new covers, and album in the spring. There are new photoshoots, artwork. We’ll be uploading interesting, fun behind-the-scenes videos, we’re just such a family. 2014 is definitely the year for The Never Ending.

Read the full interview at the source.

Photo source: The Never Ending’s Instagram

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