Photos: Olivia Holt, Austin North, Kat McNamara, Zendaya And More At Lauryn McClain’s Birthday Party January 9, 2014


It looks like everyone had a super fun night roller skating at Lauryn McClain‘s birthday party on Thursday night (January 9, 2014).


Popstar! Magazine was on hand for the fun and posted some great photos! Lots of Disney stars were there as well including Olivia Holt and Austin North (“I Didn’t Do It”), Kat McNamara (“Jessie”), Zendaya and Adam Irigoyen (“Shake It Up”), Rico Rodriguez (“Modern Family”) and Raini Rodriguez (“Austin & Ally”) and Jordan Fisher (“Teen Beach Movie”). Also the Ochoa family (Ryan Ochoa, Robert Ochoa and Raymond Ochoa) and of course all of Lauryn’s family (China Anne McClain, Sierra McClain and Gabe McClain) and more!

Kat tweeted back to Lauryn about celebrating with her:

“@RealLaurynM: @Kat_McNamara I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KAT. I am sitting right next to you, I’m so happy.” I’m happy you’re happy! Love you too!!!


Found some great photos from some of the above mentioned as they enjoyed their time at the celebration.


Austin had this to say with his picture of himself, Jordan and Olivia:

Had a great time roller skating at @RealLaurynM’s 17th birthday party:)


Raymond and Zendaya took a nice photo together, and he tweeted:

Got to hang with @zendayamaree again, she’s super chill haha! Happy birthday to @laurynalisaxo!



Here a few more from Raymond as he snapped pics with the McClain Sisters and Olivia Holt (and Ryan popped in the photo too)!


Shine On Media shared this pic on their Instagram as they talked with the McClain Sisters and Raini and her brother Rico.



Olivia wore her Hello Kitty skates! Cute! Nice pics from both Olivia and Shine On Media!

Vine from Lisa Hiser of Shine On Media of Olivia skating:

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  • January 10, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    A lot of nice pictures from Lauryn’s birthday party. I think it is great! 🙂


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