Photo: New Photo Shoot For Luke Benward And Interview About “Ravenswood” February 4, 2014


Luke Benward had a photo shoot with Afterglow Magazine on Monday (February 3, 2014) and tweeted with this photo:

Photo shoot today! Had a blast with afterglow magazine. #nofilter

Recently, Luke also visited with Socialite Life about working on “Ravenswood,” and he tweeted today:

In anticipation for the @RavenswoodABCF premiere, check out this interview I did with socialite!! 🙂

Here is a little bit of that interview (read the full interview at the source):

Can you tease anything coming up in this season of Ravenswood?

It. Is. CRAZY! One of the many things I love about this show is how many different outcomes there can be. It constantly keeps you on your toes.

Do you think Dillon has any redeeming qualities despite having a dark side?

Definitely. I would say that Dillon genuinely loves Olivia and that is the reason why he had to make her take his place: so that the sacrifice to save his life really meant something.

Have there been any compelling twists which surprised you while reading your script?

There is a HUGE twist coming up that I can’t tell y’all about, but it even caught me by surprise. I think the viewers will love it.

Is it challenging to play a dark character and having to explore a certain level of darkness?

It is a little bit, in a way, but honestly, I like it a lot. Like I said, I love to play many different characters, so to have the contrasting characters of Cloud 9 and Ravenswood is such a blessing.

Tune in for the winter finale of “Ravenswood” on ABC Family tonight!!!

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