Photos: Emmy Buckner And Dove Cameron Talk About Loving Yourself


Last Monday (January 27, 2014), Emmy Buckner from “Liv and Maddie” posted a selfie on her Instagram and wrote a beautiful message about loving yourself:

Last night I watched Dove products’ New Real Beauty Short Film “Selfie” I know I have a decent amount of young female followers, so i wanted to support &share this amazing message. Yes, it is #wcw (woman crush Wednesday) in the Instagram world, but today I wanted to voice the importance of loving yourself. I know I still struggle with that sometimes. I have a ton of insecurities-most of us do. BUT with all this social media at hand-we have the power to change what defines beauty. So with that said, here’s me-no filter or cool angle, bed hair, wanting more coffee. The only thing on my face is a smile-which we must remind ourselves (myself included) is what’s most important after all. So join the #beautyis campaign. Be your own #wcw !!


Following in her friend and co-star’s footsteps, Miss Dove Cameron posted this pic of herself on Monday, February 3, and had this to say:

Taking a page from my friend @emmybuckner today, and posting a no makeup, no filter, smiling-with-teeth selfie. I know personally, it is much easier for me to see the beauty in someone else than it is to see my own. When you see the same face in the mirror every morning, it’s easy to look past the positive attributes and focus on things that you wish we’re bigger, smaller, longer, shorter. We are own worst critics. I think it’s time we all start falling in love with ourselves. When you fall in love with someone, every little thing about them becomes beautiful and perfect. We’re taught at such a young age to shy away from phrases like: “I look beautiful today” because it’s vain, or arrogant. It’s okay to think that you’re beautiful. It’s more than okay to TELL yourself that you’re beautiful. I know I still have a long way to go in terms of self love. But, I hope you choose today to start being your own caretaker. Take off the makeup, wash out the product, and allow yourself to be you, exactly as you are. Take care of yourself the way you would take care of a loved one. Because you are loved, you will continue to be loved, and it’s time you join the movement. I love you. Happy Monday.


Please listen to their words and just be yourself, love yourself and enjoy your life!

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